Parent (PYP/MYP)

“Our child was fortunate enough to study at Lund International School and so we were able to witness this brilliant establishment first-hand. The school is full of world-class teaching and support staff who work tirelessly to help children reach their full potential within the MYP/IB programme.” (more…)

Zoltán Wagner

MAX IV laboratory

“The MAX IV lab has never presented its work to as young as 7-year-olds before. The young students at Lund International School were very attentive and had exciting questions for us. As an example, they ask us if researchers need to be brave. This question is actually brilliant and we tried to answer it as sincerely as possible.”


Parent (PYP)


It’s clear that students at LIS are genuinely cared for which in turn motivates them to do better. The school provides structure and clear expectations of the students which really helped my child to take more ownership of her education and day-to-day life in general.”

Consumer Knowledge

Bryan Urbick

CEO & President

“We have worked for several years with Lund International School on a recurring project in which students formally present to workshops of food and beverage industry attendees from around the world, each eager to learn about and from young people. (more…)


Parent (MYP)


“The extra care showed by the teachers at LIS has made such an impact on my child’s education, particularly in math. Having a teacher who cares enough to run extra maths workshops in the morning made our decision to switch schools all the more rewarding.”