Located in a calm, green residential, area of lund

general information

LIS became an IB world school in May 2009 and offers the full Primary Years Programme. In August 2015 the school expanded to include the Middle Years Programme and is gradually adding year groups.
At this moment we offer MYP 1-4.

LIS is located in a calm, green residential area of lund, easily accessible by bus (nr 1, 6, 171), car or bike.
Families at LIS pay a monthly fee. For the preschool, families pay 2.4% of their combined income, with a maximum of 1089 sek per month. Healthy lunches are prepared every day by our own cook.

* In August 2017 an International Daycare Group for 2 (turning 3) year old students has been opened in our preschool department. We still have a limited number of places available. If you are interested, please fill in the online application form.

Our Vision

Lund International School is a meeting place for students from different cultural backgrounds. This multicultural community offers many opportunities to celebrate diversity and share different perspectives. Through international education LIS prepares students to play a role in a globalized world where intercultural understanding and respect is paramount. The stimulating learning environment that LIS provides supports the students’ individual development. Students are encouraged to communicate and to participate, to explore, to think critically and to be courageous in their learning. LIS’ educational programme is challenging, internationally oriented, and includes detailed assessment and evaluation. LIS aims to create a stimulating atmosphere that supports the development of knowledgeable, open minded and curious life long learners.

Our staff

Ms. M. Moniharapon

Head of School

Ms. L. Pitman-Lundqvist

PYP/MYP coordinator

Ms. S. Ayoubi

Preschool manager / Administration

Ms. T. Xavier


Facilities and Support

Ms. S. Voss

Head cook

Ms. S. Christensson

Assistant cook

Ms. L. Hankin


Ms. A. Casteborn

Special Educational Needs


Ms. C. de Mello

Preschool Teacher

Ms. M. Fernando Mogren

Preschool Teacher

Ms. F. Zulfiqar

Preschool Teacher

Ms. M. Shahrani

Preschool Teacher

Ms. E. Athanasaki

Preschool Teacher

Ms. J. Åberg

Preschool Teacher

Ms. A. Burmeister

Preschool Teacher

Ms.N. Borgelin

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Trybala

Swedish teacher, Music teacher

Ms. G. Butler

PYP 1 Teacher

Ms. D. Hamida

PYP 1 Teacher

Ms. M. Popa

PYP 2 Teacher

Ms. R. Forshaw

PYP 2 Teacher

Mr. W. Krause

PYP 2 Teacher

Ms. J. Schneller

PYP 3 Teacher

D. van Elzakker

PYP 3 Teacher

Ms. F. Dimou

PYP 4 Teacher

Mr. B. Hunter

PYP 4 Teacher

Mr. A. Clayton

PYP 5 Teacher

Mr. T. Jones

PYP 5 Teacher

Ms. C. England

PYP 6 Teacher

Ms. L. Laport

PYP 6 Teacher

Mr. L. Ortiz

Art Teacher

Mr. B. Gómez

P.E. Teacher

Mr. T. Svensson

Swedish Teacher

Ms. A. Mikki

Arts - Design Teacher

Dr. D. Lehsten

Maths and Science Teacher

Ms. E. Taylor

Science Teacher

Ms. R. Reddy

Individuals and Societies Teacher

Mr. S. Elliott

English Teacher / Individuals and Societies Teacher

Ms. L. Berroterán Pereira

Spanish Teacher / Support Teacher

After school programme

Ms T. Xavier

After School Programme

Ms. M. Zhang

After School Programme

Ms. K. Taylor

After School Programme

Mr. T. Toth

After School Programme

Ms. M. Marzec

After School Programme

Ms. H. Raza

After School Programme

Ms. A. Jin

After School Programme

Ms. T. Tran

After School Programme

Ms. C. Sanabria

Daycare / After School Programme

Ms. H. Beanland


Mr. M. Baugh


Ms. M. Betakova