After School Programme

After School Programme 

LIS offers an after school program, “Fritids” as it is called in Swedish, which means “Leisure time”. Here we offer a safe environment for the students where they can develop important social, language and communication skills.  In addition, the students get an opportunity to build their self-confidence and practice independent thinking to the best of their abilities. We offer a variety of different activities and encourage the children to try new skills.  In Fritids, we emphasize democratic values, equal rights and mutual respect.

Daily Schedule

Fritids begins: 14:30

Snack time: 14:30 - 15:00

Fritids activities: 15:00 - 16:00 

Fritids and School closes: 17:30 

The fritids staff will offer different kinds of activities. Depending on the day and the fritids group these could for example be: Art activities, Language groups, Show & Tell, sports activities and more. In the older fritids group, it is also possible to sign up for the homework club where students can do their homework in a quiet and supervised room. 


Every day we serve a variety of healthy and simple snacks to all the children who are registered for the After School Programme.  For example, the snack may consist of open-faced sandwiches, yogurt and cereal, or baked goods from the kitchen. A fruit is served with every snack.

Extra Curricular Activities

Apart from the daily/weekly activities the after school staff organises, LIS offers a range of fun and interesting Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs). These activities are optional, and only for those students who have been signed up at the beginning of the term on the list sent out by the school. 

Holiday Fritids

Fritids is available for the students during Holiday Breaks (ie. Summer Break, Winter Break, etc.) on most days when the school does not have regular classes.  However, being enrolled in Regular Fritids does not mean your child is automatically enrolled in Holiday Fritids. A Google Form will be emailed to parents 1-2 weeks in advance of the holiday start to register a spot in Holiday Fritids.  If you do not respond before the deadline, your child will not be able to attend.


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