LIS is meant for children from families who are internationally orientated and therefore benefit from an international curriculum.

The following selection criteria will be used for acceptance of children:
     - Status in the waiting queue        
     - Presence of siblings at LIS
According to the Swedish School Law chapter 24, § 2 only students from families
    - who live temporarily in Sweden, or
    - have other reasons to follow an international educational programme
can attend international schools in Sweden.
Under ‘other reasons’ fall:
    - Students whose families live in Sweden but plan to move abroad in the near future. For example, children of              
     researchers or employees of international companies.
    - Students who speak English at home as one or both parents come from abroad.  
    - Students who already received part of their education abroad and benefit from continuing at an International School.
If, according to the information above, your child is entitled to education at an International School, we invite you to fill in the online application form. After receipt you may be asked to send in:
    -proof of a temporary stay in Sweden or
    -proof that you plan to move abroad
    -latest report card and (if relevant) individual action plan for your child
Please note: having a place at the preschool does not automatically guarantee a place at the school. A new application form must be submitted. For questions, please contact our administration office.
Special educational needs:
Students with learning disabilities which prevent them from participating in certain activities, require extra attention and support in their learning.  LIS does not have all the facilities necessary to support students with special educational needs. However, we are able to accept students with special needs that are within our limits and we will do our best to assist the student.  Before a place is offered to a child with special educational needs, LIS will invite the parents to come for a meeting to ascertain whether we can offer the environment the child needs.

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